Slow-cooked Beef Brisket Sandwich with Homemade Coleslaw

Here’s a bit of a ‘short-cut’ way to make an epic, juicy, tender, fall apart beef brisket sandwich and homemade slaw, with cooking time significantly reduced.

Brisket comes from the shoulder of the cow and is a lean and muscular piece of meat which requires low and slow cooking to get it nice and tender to the point where it starts to fall apart. Getting your brisket to this point can often take 12 hours of cooking or more (depending on the size of the piece of meat) plus marination time, but if you don’t have that amount of time (or patience!) then here’s a short-cut way which still gives you the ultimate result.

As with all slow cooking, preparation is key so I would certainly recommend overnight marination in The Food Beaver BBQ Seasoning, or a minimum of 2 hours.

This recipe serves approximately 4 people and takes 4 hours cooking time in the oven.

Slow-cooked Beef Brisket Sandwich – what you need:

Approx. 1kg or 2lb Beef Brisket.

Approx. 30-40g of The Food Beaver BBQ Seasoning.

Olive oil.

Half white cabbage – finely shredded.

2x medium sized carrots – finely shredded or sliced into strips using a potato peeler.

1-2x tablespoons Mayonnaise.

Fresh lemon juice.

Sea salt and black pepper.

4x soft white buns or bread of your choice.

BBQ Sauce – please see below for homemade BBQ sauce recipe.

Oven dish and tin foil or wax paper.

Homemade BBQ sauce recipe:

Mix all the below into a mixing bowl then transfer to saucepan to heat gently and infuse all the flavours. Finally, put some aside for your baste and glaze during cooking.

Half tablespoon dark soft brown sugar.

1x tablespoon olive oil.

1x tablespoon Worcester sauce.

1x tablespoon runny honey.

2x tablespoons tomato ketchup.

1x clove of garlic – crushed or half teaspoon garlic powder

Half medium sized white onion blended/very finely chopped or 1x teaspoon onion powder.

1 teaspoon sea salt.

1x teaspoon smoked paprika.

Half teaspoon ground allspice (or you can use a combination of mace, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves).

Quarter teaspoon ground black pepper.

You can also add extra chopped fresh chilli or chilli powder for a bit of a kick!

Slow-cooked Beef Brisket Sandwich – what you need to do:

1. Firstly line the baking dish with foil or wax paper large enough to completely wrap the brisket from both sides, then place the brisket inside and rub the BBQ seasoning all over on both sides.

Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket with The Food Beaver BBQ Seasoning

2. Now add a drizzle of olive oil over the top of the meat and rub in, making sure all the meat is covered in seasoning and oil. Repeat for the other side then wrap into a parcel making sure there are no gaps.

Beef Brisket with The Food Beaver BBQ Seasoning

Beef Brisket with The Food Beaver BBQ Seasoning and wrapped in wax paper






4. Leave to marinate in fridge from 2 to 24 hours.

5. Preheat oven to 120°C/100°C fan. Gently uncover the top of the brisket, remove the meat from wrapping and baking dish and cut into approx. 1 inch cubes (this will help speed up the cooking process) then return to the wrapping/baking dish. Glaze the top of the brisket with some of the BBQ sauce, re-cover/seal and put in the oven for approx. 4 hours or until the chunks of meat are falling apart. Every hour during cooking, uncover again, baste with the juices, reglaze and re-cover. Once cooked, leave covered and rest for 1 hour.

6. To make the slaw. Whilst the brisket is resting, mix the white cabbage, carrots and mayonnaise together into a bowl and then add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt and black pepper. Taste and adjust as necessary.

7. When ready to serve, uncover the cooked brisket, drain any unwanted juices and shred/mix all together. Gently toast the buns and then fill with a generous serving of succulent meat, drizzle over more delicious BBQ sauce and finally top with a pile of slaw. I guarantee your mouth will be watering!

Tasty food, made simple!

I hope you like this slow-cooked beef brisket sandwich with homemade coleslaw recipe, made with The Food Beaver BBQ Seasoning.  As always, your feedback is most welcome so please comment below or get in touch at or through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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